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Shindō Yōshin-ryū Seminar — April 26th and 27th, 2014
with Toby Threadgill & Guseikai Calgary Wado Karate Club

The Guseikai Calgary Wado Karate Club will be hosting a Shindō Yōshin-ryū seminar with the school’s chief instructor Toby Threadgill of Evergreen, Colorado. All students are encouraged to participate in this two day event that will cover techniques and philosophy of this traditional Japanese ryū. All are welcome.

For additional info please see the visit the Guseikai Calgary Wado Karate Club website.

Al Lajoie and

Al Lajoie (Uke Todd Lachance)

Al Lajoie awarded Shodan

In yudansha testing after our annual summer seminar Igarashi Sensei has awarded Al Lajoie the rank of shodan.

Calgary Aikikai would like to congratulate Al on all his hard work in his dedication to the practice of aikido and the continued success of the dojo. Congratulations Al!

Welcome to Calgary Aikikai: Aikido instruction since 1980
April 25, 2014

Calgary Aikikai was formed in 1980 with the arrival of Yasuhisa Inaba Sensei from Japan.

In November 1980, a demonstration was held at the Canadian Armed Forces Base in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which later became the 1st dojo.

Calgary Aikikai is an affiliate of the Headquarters of the International Aikido Federation (Aikikai), Tokyo, Japan, and with many other international organizations.

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